Outstanding Quality & Incomparable Value

The Seltzer Family Tradition Continues

My Grandfather Sam Seltzer (1905-1997) began working as a young boy delivering packages of meat on the streetcars of Montreal, Canada. He worked for the Butcher Shop of the man that eventually became his father-in-law. Sam and my Grandmother Dora married in 1923 and soon thereafter Sam opened a Butcher Shop of his own, which became deservedly famous in Montreal for more than 60 years.

My Father Nelson Seltzer and his Brother Norman, took over the Family Business and grew it to greater heights, serving the finest cuts of aged and marbled beef to individuals as well as the better Restaurants, Hotels and Private Clubs in Montreal. Nelson also owned and operated many restaurants in Canada, before returning to the Meat and Wholesale Food Business and still works full time. Nelson married my Mother Carol (my absolute favorite cook) in 1952, The life lessons and values my Parents taught my Sister Jo-Ann and I inspire and guide us and our Children to this day.

I began working at the Family Butcher Shop at age 8 for 75 cents an hour, and eventually worked my way through College and Law School working and managing various types of restaurants. I practiced Commercial Law in Montreal for almost 15 years, then moved to Tampa Bay in 1995 to launch a chain of Steakhouses named in my Grandfather’s honor.

I was taught growing up that the only way to succeed was by working hard, doing things and treating others ‘the right way’ and committing to quality and personalized Customer Service. I am delighted to have this opportunity to carry on The Seltzer Family Tradition of providing Outstanding Quality & Incomparable Value to our guests.

On behalf of my Wife Sandra, my Sons Max & Isaiah, and the Preceding Generations:

Welcome to our family! We hope you enjoy your time with us as much as we enjoy serving you.